Discount Guitar was our second online store. A year ago we started to run GardenJoy, we made it a big success but also made some mistakes during the year, but we are actually getting better and better all the time, so we decided to open anther online store.

We had another friend who was a specialist in import Electric Guitar, his guitars have good quality, many styles and the price is quite competitive, so the sales were very good. We did some research and found out Australian guitar sales were very big; the sales were over 1 million Australian dollars every month on eBay. Our Electric Acoustic Guitars and electric bass were aesthetically pleasing, plus a complete set, our products were very welcomed in the market. We also had wooden guitars, which now were the 5th on Australian Google. We also had anther product,  kids guitars which was in the top of Google’s rankings. Education started with kids. It was also helpful for developing their interests and hobbies.

This online store was opened in April, we have had a lot of visitors for now, sales also have been increasing, and we believed we would have more customers who would enjoy our top deal products