GardenJoy is not our first online store, we were not familiar with ecommerce website construction at that time, also we were very unfamiliar with online marketing, with the support and encouragement of our friends we imported a container of working gloves, but soon, we found that working gloves were not suitable for online sales, there were two main reasons for that: the shipment cost is high and they were everywhere around us.

By accident, we heard some friends that import Raised Garden Beds and others helped them to do the sales on eBay, they allegedly did well, so we planed to use this product to build an online store, this eventually became the GardenJoy.

We didn’t expect too much, we just wanted make an online store, so we didn’t do a lot of decorating, but it must have many features. Soon GardenJoy was opened. The next problem we were concerned about was marketing. There was nobody that knew GardenJoy so no one bought our products, we must make a break on google, so under this circumstance we started to study google ranks, luckily, three months later there were some keywords , such as Raised garden bedsPlanter Boxes,  Vegetable garden, all on the first page of google, the improvement of the ranks had brought more traffic and increased more sales, we tasted the sweet victory.

Before all of this we sold quite large amount of garden beds, as the same, we were also facing a ranking problem on eBay, fortunately there were only a little over 200 names, we only need to do a little research then we were on the first page, and we did some sales on the first week, for a long time our products were in the top 5, this was really helpful for our sales. Later we dropped in the ranks because of lacking of the products, we took off the name.

Our pattern was simple, we not only need stock but also a warehouse, we received an order then send it to our suppliers, after the shipment the suppliers would gave us the shipment details then we gave it to our customers. We were really thankful to our suppliers, thanks to their trust our cooperation was easier and easier, and their wonderful customer service had made us highly rated, on eBay our rates were 100%.