Right after a month discountguitar opened, Sofa sofa couch was opened which was our third online store. This time we were more focused on details. For example, this domain name sofasofacouch.com.au which looked very basic but actually there was a lot of meaning inside, this was what we thought for the Feng Shui of the domain name.

sofa couch were also one of products which my friend imported, they had their own factory in China and they also had a big warehouse and managers in Melbourne, they even had their own logistics delivery team. Managing an online store in Australia we had to admit that logistics was one of the main factors and restricting online store business. They also had their own delivery fleet; substantially reducing the logistics cost, at the same time, couches were big for transportation which damage rate was very high. They also have their own logistics team, which greatly reduced the transportation damage probability. We had a lot of confidence in such an advantage. So we officially opened Sofa sofa couch immediately.

Our main sales are sofas; we have leather Couch and wicker sofa, sofa beds. Besides sofas we also have outdoor sofa. We offer  cheap sofa and free delivery in Melbourne (sofa Melbournesofa couch Melbourne ) . We welcome you to visite our website to view our cheap couch and choose your favorite sofa.